DJ Quicksilver

The career of the producer team Orhan Terzi and Tommaso De Donatis reads like an unprecedented success story. Under the pseudonym DJ Quicksilver they regularly hit the charts with their dance tracks, right off receiving a golden record with their second single “I Have A Dream / Bellissima” for selling more than 1.400.000 copies in Germany and England. Also in the role of the remixer the duo proves a fine hand. Their mix of Faithless classic “Insomnia” is also becoming a bestseller, which sells even better than the already successful original of the British. More remixes follow for artists such as USURA, Dance2Trance, Jam & Spoon, etc.

The beginning The musical head of DJ Quicksilver, Orhan Terzi is born in Turkey but soon moves to Germany, where he grows up with the music of Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Jean Michel Jarre. A legacy that lingers on for a long time. Residing in Bochum, the techno wave captures Terzi at the beginning of the 90s, who impressively demonstrates his qualities on the turntables during a DJ-contest, so that he quickly grows into a sought-after act in the scene. His record shop also brings him into contact with all kinds of music lovers, including the producer Tommaso De Donatis, who appears at the beginning of 1995 in his shop in Bochum. The two decide to make music together and make a bang with their first single “Bingo Bongo”. The sing-along techno track climbs into the top 40 at the beginning of 1996 and catapults the duo into the Olympus of national producers overnight. Anyone, who has thought that they have reached the Zenith already, is mistaken. Groovy basslines, easy trance-pads and catchy samples build the international recipe for success for DJ Quicksilver with “I Have A Dream / Bellissima”. The song enters the charts in 1997 in several European countries. As a reward, the producer duo may hang several golden records on the wall. This is followed by two Echo nominations and a nomination for the Brit Award. DJ Quicksilver performs three times in the world’s oldest and most famous music show Top Of The Pops at the BBC Studios in London. The first longplayer “Quicksilver” features the first hits and is also in great demand among the listeners. Immediately afterwards, the two get back to work in De Donatis’ new studio and, a year later, present “Escape 2 Planet Love”, which builds on the success of “Quicksilver”. Then Terzi and De Donatis cause a stir with their remix of Faithless’ hit “Insomnia”. Although the singles “Cosmophobia”, “Ameno” and the remake of the Shaggy song “Boombastic” all make it into the charts, a new album is not in sight. Finally in 2003, DJ Quicksilver put their hits, enriched with some new productions like the Jean Michel Jarre cover “Equinoxe IV”, on “Clubfiles – The Album”, which pays homage to the dancefloor in the usual trance-like manner. Following the departure of Tommaso De Donatis from the joint project, Orhan Terzi has been working with other producers since 2009. Recent years. In 2011, DJ Quicksilver releases the single “Peter Gunn Theme”, which brings him considerable success in the clubs again. In 2013, he meets the well-known American singer Jonny Rose, from which the single “I’ll be waiting” is created. In 2018 DJ Quicksilver contributes the DJ Mix for the legendary compilation series Future Trance vol. 84. In the same year he meets the singer Peter Freudenthaler in Moscow of the worldwide successful band Fools Garden (“Lemon Tree”) and they decide a collaboration, from which then the single “Still Running” is created. Very enthusiastically further cooperations are concluded. Also in the same year, DJ Quicksilver provides a remix for the legendary project U96 – “The Boat”. With the legendary DJ DAG he produces the single “Zulu” which will be released shortly. In the beginning of 2021 he has a cooperation with EMPATHIC. The result was the single "I Can Make You Cry" with a special Remix of DJ Quicksilver. As one of the most sought-after ’90s acts, DJ Quicksilver continues to perform regularly around the globe, often in front of a large audience and at major festivals such as Parookaville, We Love the 90s, Sunshine Live 90s, Legacy Festival, etc.

The Latest Albums

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