Andy Düx


In 1980 he was the first time behind the turntables in the dance school beer. In 1983, every Sunday from 6 pm to midnight, in the Big Apple Wiesbaden, he presented his first festive party series.

In 1987 he founded the project Voyou with Udo Niebergall and went straight to America with the song Houseman in the charts. From now on it was always uphill and in 1989 he took over the recording studio Beatdisaster in Reinheim near Darmstadt with Udo Niebergall. They founded their first techno label overdrive that still exists today. With over 20000 Vinylz sold the song of Mark NRG (Dont Stop) was the cult hit on the label.

In 1990 he was introduced by Talla 2XLC as the new Resident Dj in Dorian Gray. In the next few years he played at almost all major events in Germany and abroad (Mayday, Time Warp, Nature One, Nightmare in Rotterdam, Rave City, Loveparade, etc.)

Other stations after 1998 were the Palazzo in Bingen and the Safahi Lounge in Mainz. From the year 2014 he still runs the project Vinyl Players Mainz with his friend Dillmanski.

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